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My computer guy (whose name is Brad, and is worthy of the same reverence ask her first Subaru) tells me that the voice recognition built into Windows 10 is very effective at navigation, mouse control, so that I will need Dragon only for dictation. Is that others’ experience? I’ve been stalwartly clinging to Windows 7.
Just saw this, I definitely miss Windows 7. Dragon 13 is absolutely better voice-recognition, but it is glitchy on Windows 10. Several times a day it stalls… while… launching… applications (still working on a fix). You still need Windows Speech Recognition for certain things and it is frustrating in itself and only good for command functions, and there will be conflicts with Dragon too. Windows 10 makes a speech recognition user jump through extra hoops, even if it runs smooth and stable – which Windows 7 already did. But nothing's perfect, and I can work with this.