I've been using voice recognition since the late 1990s, and over the years spent hundreds (thousands?) on software, microphones, computers. My accuracy has always been, meh. I read about people getting 98% accuracy and dictating hundreds or even thousands of words per hour. For me, a great day has always been to wrestle down a couple thousand over an entire day. Still, voice recognition kept me productive.

Then a couple of years ago I unboxed my first Echo Dot. It cost $40. I've read it has an array of seven microphones, all obviously worth less than $40. And I don't have to tell anyone here that the voice recognition is amazing. Over loud music, over cross-talk, even into the next room, even with my sloppy diction, it understands what I'm saying.

Then I go back to my computer with its voice recognition and desktop mic, which cost way more than $40, and it's like going from the hare back to the tortoise. I wonder, what do you think accounts for this discrepancy? I'm always thinking, "I'll take the far superior voice recognition for $40, Alex."