I was told to stop doing research and seeking advice on forums, because it won't help to get me what I need, because there's always going to be another option or suggestion. I'm confused at this point, that's why I am seeking opinions from people who've been there, and know what works. I can tell looking at myself that it doesn't fit me. I think the only chair that's ever fit me well was a demo I bought. It was too long, but I scrunched up the sling seat a bit, and it was perfect. Ironically, she went off the measurements for that chair, too! I basically wanted that chair duplicated, but just an inch higher footrest. But since I was sitting in my Ti ZR, I explained what didn't work with that. So, being a little bit too tall, translated to going to 14 inches in back. 3" less. We were both guessing! I should have gone to an OT after the first frame. I'm too trusting. Though that would have to have gone through authorization, and take a long time. I do have a kick ass caseworker fortunately. Just met last year. She can move mountains I think, and can tell this is a mess.