Hi Everyone. I started experiencing terrible nerve pain about 6 months post SCI in 2006. My Doctor and I settled on a treatment of long acting morphine sulphate and short acting break-through similar to what I was given in rehab after release from ICU. It worked pretty well but as the years wore on the dose needed to be increased (I topped out at about 700mg/day) to the point where I was having to take other meds to treat the side effects of the morphine. Eventually I toured multiple pain clinics in the Greater Toronto Area, seeing many pain specialists. I came to the conclusion that I should get off the opiates as they may be causing more pain than they are treating. The idea of seeing where my baseline pain is without drugs in my system, all these years later, also appeals. Unfortunately the Province of Ontario does not have any inpatient detox clinics for people who are dependent on opiates, only beds for addicts. So after slowly decreasing the dosage myself over the last 3 years I'm down to 10 mg every other day of long acting and am about to switch over to just taking taking a few mg of short acting every four hours or so. After a week of this I plan to go cold turkey.

Does anyone have any experience with morphine withdrawal and mitigating the discomfort? I've got a small clonazepam script for sleep but thats it. I'm worried about my bowel routine and wondering if I should have a diet plan to get through the first few days. Any help is appreciated.