I have to disagree, opioids are safer on the body than alternatives that are hard on liver. to many patients drink alcohol when they are also taking opioids and this causes the deaths. Alcohol use with 24/7 opioid , especially the long half life meds like methadone really increase the chance of respiratory distress. Alcohol use with meds that have Acetaminophen in them is also hard on the liver.
cigarettes smoking has been banned in many public indoor and outdoor areas, it has been removed from many movies and TV shows so kids do grow up with it as a normal activity as my generation did . Smokers have been marginalized and not promoted as the cool kids on the stoop, we need this for alcohol consumption too,,excess drinking is still a huge college tradition, and this is when their brain is still developing. USA prisons are filled with people who now realize that if they hadn't been drinking they would not be in prison . Alcohol use needs to be exposed for the harm it causes