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If your looking at lowering the cushion and gaining a little more dump, what my vendor did instead of shaving the whole bottom was just cut some channels into the bottom of it along the frame rail. Went in 1/4 '' increments till it was dialed in, didn't affect the integrity of the cushion,got me lowering in wheels and im just as comfy on it as I was on my old cushion.
Hmm, this sounds like an option but I'm not entirely sure of the visual I'm getting. I have a severe 4-5inch height adjustment to make. I 'might' be able to get by with 2" higher than I currently am in my Slimline but I'm so darn short my arms are not long enough to give me the leverage I need to make the climb. My biggest issue is the toilet. I simply can't do it and I'm worried I'll be stuck with this terribly expensive cushion. I don't suppose you have photos of the alterations?