I just brought my new RIDE cushion home today, along with my new TiLite Aero. I have huge concerns in regards to acclimating to this cushion & chair. I've been on a Supracore Slimline for many years and I sit very low to the ground in my current chair mainly because 1) I am short and 2) it's a VERY old chair and my seat pan is stretched and in 'hammock' form causing me to sit lower to the ground. I knew a new chair was going to lift me, obviously and also that the RIDE would too so I was somewhat prepared... but now I can't reach the floor while leaning to the side. I have short legs and short arms (I am 5'4) transfers are harder with shorter limbs. I especially need the leverage with my legs for transfers.

And yes, I have been working with the PT and rep at seating clinic throughout the whole ordering process and we are all understanding of changes that need to be made. However.....We only have 1/2" left to lower the frame to the floor and 1/2 inch in front casters. We are also going to put some minor sling in the seat to see if that helps. I'm two inches higher in the new chair and I'm afraid 1/2 inch is not going to do it. I'm trying to be very open-minded about the change but damn, it's been exhausting. When I was younger I used to breeze into new chairs w/out blinking an eye and never had an issue adjusting. My PT doesn't want me in the new chair until my rep comes out to make the adjustments. I'm trying to remain firm with everyone but also keeping in mind that any further changes will be 100% out of pocket (thank you crappy insurance company).

Have any of you had issues adjusting to a RIDE cushion or one similar, as far as a major height shift?