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Thread: Going off anticholinergics

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    Going off anticholinergics

    I intermittent cath. I've been taking Vesicare for almost 4 years for bladder spasms. I used to take a 10 mg pill once a day but because of good urodynamics outcome, which was done about 6 months ago, I was told to lower the dose down to 5 mg per day. I had urodynamics done a few days ago and the bladder pressure and capacity were still fine. Now my urologist wants me to go off Vesicare completely. The last time I took Vesicare was 3 days ago. I'm supposed to have another urodynamics done in a few months but I have an uncomfortable burning sensation since I took the last pill. The bladder capacity is the same I think and I don't experience sudden urgency to urinate nor do I have leaks. I have no UTI. Can it be related to stopping those anticholinergic meds? Did any of you try to come off anticholinergics with success?

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    I have no experience with stopping anticholinergic medications. But. I am wondering if tapering off of the drug may be a good idea. You were taking 5 mg, perhaps you could cut the tablet in half and take 2.5 mg for a couple weeks, then take take half of a half for a couple more weeks before you stop completely. Just a evidence or science behind it.

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    I recently stopped taking Trospium cold turkey. It's been 5 days and I have not noticed anything different or unusual.

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    I was on vesicare back in the day. I came off it, but I don't remember the dose. Didn't have any side effects. I can't think of a reason you would have a burning sensation other than a UTI and after 3 days you're not off of vesicare yet, the half life is between 2-3 days so you're still have about half what was in your system 3 days ago on board.

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    Never heard of that and don't know why it could affect sensation. It just works on muscle/ motor nerve of bladder.
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