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Thread: An Alternative to Tilite

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    I kind of wish now that TiLite merged with a supposedly big player in the space, maybe we can get a direct customer relationship with them? Like was said earlier, insurance and their chairs are fleeting relationships, why should we still need to deal with a 'DME' middleman? I mean seriously, unless you have the fortune of knowing a Stephen212 to represent TiLite, the expertise level craters downward when interfacing with their preferred mode of (not) dealing with the 'end user', aka, the customer who is handing them a few grand for their product. Enough of the immediate blowing off the customer and directing them to deal with DME middlemen and having to play the 'discount' game...we aren't something stuck to the bottom of their shoes, we are the source of their livelihood! They might actually sell more product as well if these DME games didn't have to be played. Ok, they do have an insurable 'Aluminum' line which might need DME involvement, but for the (self-paid) Titanium stuff...different story that needs a different approach

    While gripeing...what's up with parts pricing grossly surpassing the rate of inflation or being commensurate with what the part actually consists of? Such as like what you see when ordering tubular armrests to replace ones that give up the ghost (because they are Aluminum vs. Titanium? )

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    I've no idea what Team HOC's ambitions are. It's no doubt a tiny company compared to the relatively behemoth-sized Permobil. By appearance it seems that they are something of a boutique shop offering a limited line of wheelchairs and are willing and perhaps eager to take on custom designs as requested by their customers. Their current website doesn't even indicate that they're building everyday wheelchairs. I wouldn't conclude that TiLite's years in the industry means they build a better product. As Dale knows, solo guitar builders can build as good or better an instrument as the major manufacturers, but it almost certainly comes at a substantially higher price. Team HOC is not likely to become the next TiLite in size and they may have no ambition to, either. Certainly not anytime soon. I think it's great to see them getting into the market. The more players the better. No manufacturer -- of anything -- doesn't acquire some bad press along the way. I've spoken to more than a few people who've sworn of D's Locks because of cable failures and unresponsive customer support. Yet Steve Holub is no less a great guy and an asset to the wheeler community for it. Perfection is hard to meet every day. His presence at the Abilities Expos alone, as noted by Dale, offering free wheelchair maintenance to those in attendance has earned him his angel's wings many times over.

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    team HOC chairs are priced nice, no dealer pricing going the route like Box chairs , same price for all. spoke to Steve about a build yesterday. he will build however you want. just frame - all accessories or whatever. they make great products, ive used d's exclusively since he opened and never a failure. gotta love that rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    There's several things TiLite has that Teamhoc does not have.

    TiLite has almost 20 years experience in manufacturing custom wheelchairs. How many years does Teamhoc have building wheelchairs?

    TiLite within almost 20 years has built millions of wheelchairs worldwide. How many wheelchairs has Teamhoc built?

    TiLite has the experience and innovation.

    Competition against TiLite will only force TiLite to be a stronger company otherwise they will be knocked out of first place.

    Even though I had issues with TiLite they still make the best 'chairs on Earth and I will still support them until a better company comes along. Some problems were with the DME.

    So, why is there such a great demand for people wanting a TiLite 'chairs? Quality? Workmanship? Light weight? Innovation? Hysteria?

    Just look at those pictures stephen212 posted of his TiLite 'chairs and the one I posted. Seeing that wheel lock mount is making TiLite a better company by customer input. That wheel lock mount is nice. An excellent design.

    I'm still sporting TiLite.

    I'm not sure what the fact that tilite has made millions of chairs over 20 years has to do with the quality of their currents ones going downhill. Their gloried past you speak of doesn't matter if its not carried over to each of us. And the only thing we can really go by is our own personal experience.

    I got my current TR3 two years ago. It took 3 or 4 CAD drawings to get the chair how I wanted it because I would correct dimensions that were wrong and they would send another file back with the same dimension I crossed out. By the time I finally got my chair (which I ask the DME to leave in the box so that I can check/assemble it myself) the location of the bar under the seat pan that I grab to put the frame in my car was off by 5".

    So I sent the frame back. After waiting another month I got the second frame. This time one of the casters was floating about 1/8" and the backrest posts were mounted to the frame slightly off axis so that when I folded the backrest down it pushed one of the side guards over toward the tire. I wasn't sending it back again to wait another month to get a third frame that had something wrong with it. So I've just dealt with the issues.

    But back to my point, I could care less how great a company tilite used to be, the only thing that matters is the quality of the chair they made ME. And after my personal experience, I will be looking at other options next time.

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