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    Titanium simply isn't the wonder material the hype train believed it was. The end user and the business cases both failed, which is why there's only one big manufacturer still trying to make it work.

    A quick DuckDuckGo search reveals the "unknown reasons" why the industry (provider and payer) backed away from titanium, aside from the poor cost:benefit ratio. frame crack

    This is almost exclusively a titanium frame result set. Making it lighter means making it too thin, since it's quite a heavy element. Thinness is its only option to compete, and that has consequences in wheelchair applications.

    Quickie had too many axle plate failures. It was widely reported at the time. Not for "reasons unknown".
    The problems with the Quickie Ti frames was the design, frame crush when adjusting the axle plate and retightening the bolts. I still have an old Quickie Ti frame (circa 1994), and rivnuts are all perfectly flush to the frame, every hole in it is clean, even the welds looks better than current Tilite stuff. And despite what my friend Titanium4motion says, yes Tilite did make that frame, I know this because Tilite told me they did.

    I think the thin wall Ti tube is okay, if the design of the frame doesn't have any thru bolts, and its a fixed welded back, not adjustable. I actually prefer aluminum over Ti, and once tried to get Tilite to make me an aluminum TR, but as often is the case with them, they refused.
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