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Thread: Burping up foam

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    Burping up foam

    My wife and I went out to dinner a few nights ago and split a prime rib, as neither of us is a big eater. Even splitting it, we had enough left over for lunch, so the next day I cut it up into chunks so that it would get heated all the way through, but still be somewhat rare. I started eating, cutting the chunks into bite size and was almost done when I took one of the chunks that was smaller than the others without cutting it up. I swallowed and started cutting up the last chunk but felt like I was getting heartburn. I took a drink of water and ate the last two bites and felt even worse.

    I chewed a heartburn plus gas tablet and burped almost immediately, but brought up what felt like foamy saliva. I drank some more water and chewed another tablet. I must have burped 10 to 15 times in the next 10 minutes with the same results, getting more stressed.

    I decided that stress was not going to help, tried to relax a bit and texted my son in law, who is an RN, telling him all of the details. He asked a few questions and then said that it sounded like a stuck food bolus (a small rounded mass of a substance, especially of chewed food at the moment of swallowing). He explained that often when eating very tasty meats like steak and pork, we tend to swallow the bite before it is completely chewed. The texting back and forth probably took 20 minutes, during which the burping subsided and I started feeling more nearly normal. I drank another glass of water and evidently cleared the bolus, as it went down with no additional distress.

    Talking to him later, he told me that I had been lucky to have passed the bolus on my own, as it is pretty unpleasant to have it removed (or pushed through) at the ER.

    So, paraphrasing Pink Floyd, "Chew your meat! How can you pass your bolus if you don't chew your meat!"
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    LOL - glad you're okay! I just enjoyed a med rare myself. Haven't had steak in a while. So, so good. And I need the protein and iron.
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