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    Ki Rogue take two

    I finally got the remake of my Rogue today. I think I'm going to have to be resigned that I'm never going to have a chair fit me like a glove. Nobody seems to be able to accommodate Spina Bifida bodies. I'm now about six inches shorter than I ever have been, with yet the same size 24 wheels. The footrests are now too long, and the Freewheel can't attach to it. I really wanted a Roho carbon back because it's not that big, and this one makes my back hurt. The dump is ok, but with the Stimulite contour, I'm massively shrugging my shoulders to push, the wheels are up so high. With my old Roho hybrid, it's better, but then I feel like my spine is curving more and I'm going to fall forward. I'm also super spoiled having had titanium, as this rattles like crazy! They didn't make the footrests welded like the TiLites are for angle adjustable, and no taper in the front of the frame. I just don't get why they can't make it so it works for my body! So depressing. Now I really can't get in my Honda Element, and doing the dishes and cooking is going to be an issue. Even sitting here at a desk, it's now way too high. I guess I should've gone with someone who can do ultra custom. Hopefully I can with the insurance compensation for being hit by a car, and get either another TiLite, or another titanium chair. I'm really interested in the ones that Hands on Concepts is doing. Then this can be like a 'dress' chair for whatever. It's not that practical for my lifestyle.
    They do have a make it right policy, but if they can't, then I don't want to bitch and moan.
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