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Thread: What?s your sleep number?

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    We may try those. With so many bed depths now, it's really hard to find some to fit the bed without being way too deep. I wish SN stuff wasn't so expensive or I might have tried them before. I would also love to replace the top cover as I have had many bladder accidents over the years where the "waterproof" mattress covers didn't work and I have big stains. But alas, they are 600-700 to replace. As long as the sheets are on I don't think about them.
    I just called SN this month to get a replacement zipper-top mattress cover and they quoted me $318.72 ($365.23 with shipping). This falls under their "25 year manufacturer's defects" warranty. The warranty offers a 48% discount, not a free replacement. My issue was a pulled thread that caused a large hole. I have a Queen-sized Single Chamber C2 model which is their simplest bed so I imagine the fancier models may cost much more.

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    Good point, thats right. Well worth it on new purchases thou
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    unfortunately the 10 year warranty only applies if you purchase the mattress topper at the time the mattress is purchased. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Anyone have one of the Sleep Number brand pillows?

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