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Thread: Out Front Surge Hand rims - Buyer beware!

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    Out Front Surge Hand rims - Buyer beware!

    I have a set of Out Front Surge LT hand rims on my TiLite ZRA. They are 4.5 years old and yesterday the rubber insert pulled off. I telephoned Out Front and talked with a customer service representative and he indicated that this does happen after about 3 to 5 years old. I asked him for a replacement set of inserts and he told me they don't give them out or sell them because the rubber inserts are thermically glued on the hand rim.

    The rubber strip is concave on top and V shaped on the bottom. I am not sure if the V shaped bottom was for more surface area to be covered with adhesive to make a stronger bond? I don't know?

    He said to fix it there are two types of glues that they recommend for securing the grip strip are below:

    (Super glues)

    1) Cemedine Super-X No. 8008 glue

    2) Vittoria Mastik One Professional

    Since my rubber strip stretched I had to cut the strip in half and cut about 1/8" off one end so the rubber strip laid flat on the rim. You have to clean off the old adhesive first before you put the new super glue on. Luckily I had a small plastic bottle of super glue in my desk drawer that worked. I put a piece of tape over the joint to hold it in place for time being. So far everything is working out well. Time will tell.

    My old 'chair had a pair of Dual Grip Hand Rims which had the same problem of the rubber insert pealing off but you were able to purchase replacement strips. Dual Grip Hand Rims were round though with a rectangular groove in them to fit the rubber strip. The rubber strip was rectangular in shape. This was a constant problem with Dual Grip Hand Rims and they end up going out of business.

    See attached photo.

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