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Thread: Man uses power of the mind to walk again

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    I know of 2 people here in Vegas who are walking around "normal" with the Quad scare on the back of their neck and believe me when they see me it reminds them of just how lucky they are.

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    i got around to watching the video, and googled him, made a business as a motivational speaker. crash was 27 years ago, looks like the old spinal shock,a miracle, or his positive thinking -take your pick . He said he was the top life insurance salesman before crash, so has a bit of a salesman in his blood. Video was horrible
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    This made the rounds pre-internet as a promotion for his book and VHS video (for sale). I remember getting flyers in the mail using the mailing lists various organizations like ARN and ASIA. There is a religious component to his story as I remember.

    As above, very lucky, with a very incomplete SCI. You can't assess the true extent of the injury until spinal shock has subsided; 3-8 weeks. All this story does it make those who didn't get such good return feel guilty that they didn't "want it enough", or "work hard enough in therapy", or "pray enough", or "be a good deserving person". I call BS.


    I was corrected there are no good or bad people in this world the Bible evens says so. There are only sinners.

    I guess I didn't work hard enough either.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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