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Thread: Why you should wear a tool belt.

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    Why you should wear a tool belt.

    A UFC Fighter Accidentally Tore His Scrotum With a Power Drill
    Don't put a drill in your pants, guys.

    By Brett Williams
    Aug 22, 2018

    UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell officially has the most painful, legitimate reason to take a day off from training. You might want to take a moment to brace yourself before reading this: He tore through his scrotum with a power drill.

    Mitchell was doing some woodwork before a workout session when the accident happened. As he lifted a board over his head, the power drill in his pocket went off, scrambling his testicles. Ouch.

    The fighter described the horrific incident in relatively cavalier terms on social media, making the whole terrible event sound like a funny joke.

    Since he obviously couldn't share a photo of the injury ? as if any of us want to see the aftermath of that horror show ? Mitchell showed off the bloody boxers that survived the accident.

    If you're wondering what's going to happen to the underwear, never fear. Mitchell isn't going to ditch a good pair of knickers over some measly stains and traumatic memories.

    "Someone asked me to auction off the bloody boxers but yal got me fucked up. That?s a good pair Ima bleach em and keep wearin em."

    Mitchell's public sense of humor in the face of the genital misfortune is impressive, verging on slightly terrifying. Future opponents, take note: This guy probably won't be too distracted by your low blows. He's gone a few rounds with a drill already.
    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Messy situation. I wonder what kind of anesthesia they used to make the repair. I would imagine that a needle to numb things up would be just as bad as they incident.
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    Friend of mine had a hunting accident: his partner tripped and discharged his shotgun into his nether area.
    After the surgeon in emergency got done, he handed my friend a card.
    "what's this?" he asked, some specialist?
    No, it's my brother in law; he plays the flute. He'll show you how to finger it in the bathroom!
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    A skydiving buddy got blown off course (back in the early '70s when parachutes didn't have much forward speed) and landed in a tree. A branch ripped his scrotum open, and I'll leave out the grisly details, but he later sired three lovely children and now has grandchildren.
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    Before I got hurt was working on something and laid a 2x4 on my thigh and was drilling a 3/8 hole right threw the 2x4 and into my jeans and thigh. Just not thinking about that but thinking about the the job. I had to back off the drill by hand pulled down my pants and it look like ground up hamburg. Wash it off wasn't to deep then poured rubbing alcohol on it .The first time hurt like hell second one not as bad. Put a large bandage on it and it heeled ok. I limped a few days. Never forgot that stupid move and still have the scare till this day. Stupid things happen when you thinking about whats next in a job. Was a tool and die maker and never got a scratch running dangerous equipment. Seen a lot of people get hurt then I do a stupid move like drilling into my leg at

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