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Thread: "Grouchy" Bladder?

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    "Grouchy" Bladder?

    Does anyone deal with a grouchy bladder from time to time? I don't mean a bladder infection, but more just an irritated bladder. Whether it be from alcohol, acidic drinks, or even nothing at all, sometime i develop a grouchy bladder that, for a brief period of time, does not hold urine as well without spasm.

    Is this normal? Is there a remedy to this? Something calming a person can drink to calm the bladder a bit? Does this even make sense? lol. I have the tiniest ability to somewhat feel my bladder (nothing like pre injury), and can usually tell when im dealing with a "grouchy" bladder. The problem is i havent found a consistent way to deal with it. Sometimes it lasts only a few hours, other its can go on for a day or 2.

    I have confirmed they are not bladder infections as well.


    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

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    Before anyone can address your question, I think we need to know how you manage your bladder, i.e., external catheter, intermittent catheter, supra pubic catheter, indwelling urethral catheter....????

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    Yes sorry i always seem to miss adding crucial information! I manage my bladder by intermittent catheter every 4 hours or sooner if i feel the urge to go.

    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

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    Have you tried drinking a little more when you feel this way? What fluids do you drink, as well as about how much a day? Caffeinated? Water? Soda? That would be helpful to know.

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    I have bladder sensation and if I'm drinking alcohol or highly caffeineted drinks I have a bad urgency to go.

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    Yes!!! I have a grouch bladder. The first year after injury I did not leak a drop, but I did start to develop sensations that felt like I needed to go or that I was going, or that I was going but I was trying to stop the stream. These sensations kept getting stronger and stronger. It did not matter if I had cathed 4 hours ago or 4 minutes. The sensations were simply independent from urine volume. At first my neurologist diagnosed it as neuropathic but now feels like it is part neuropathic and part real. The real part has something to do with the inhibitory pathways being nonfunctional or the excitatory pathways being overactive. I guess it is hard to determine which it is. Nowadays my bladder gets grouchy about 5-6 times a day and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. It drives me crazy. None of the oral meds for overactive bladder provided any releif. The first thing they tried that helped was botox. It worked great the first time but every time thereafter the effect was weaker. 3 years later and I gave up on them. I will try again in the future but It will probably take a long time to become sensitive to the toxin if ever.

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    I drink mostly water during the day. I would say i average 1-2 liters of water a day. When i get signs of a grouchy bladder i almost always up my water intake and it honestly does not seem to do much for me (besides bathroom trips every 45 minutes).

    I almost never drink caffeinated beverages.

    I do drink whiskey and soda(Coke Zero) a few nights of the week.

    It doesn't seem like it is always directly related to the times i drink whiskey. It seems to be completely random. Sometimes i will be fine after a night of having a couple drinks, sometimes it will be irritated. Sometimes it happens when i haven't been drinking at all recently.

    Its not a HUGE deal. I can tell for the most part when i need to void (not always), but when its irritated it makes it more complicated and i need to keep my guard up quite more to avoid accidents.

    I suppose what i need to do is cut Whiskey and Soda from my diet and see how i react then? But that's not exactly the answer i was looking for!

    I am more wondering if there is any certain food, drink, pill i could take when dealing with this irritated bladder that would give me some relief from always having a urge to use the washroom and not holding as many cc's before having an accident.

    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

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