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Thread: travel toilet seat

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    True... but I'm trying to shave the weight/bulk of traveling with my folding chair. This may not be the solution, but there has to be a better way.
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    I've gone through this issue myself with a travel shower seat. It's the same problem. Why can't anyone invent a shower/toilet seat with folding legs that are adjustable in height and lock in place? It's not rocket science...

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    I'm a T2 with absolutely no trunk muscles and I didnt have any issues with the seat. But, I always left my chair right beside me too- that way there was always something to grab, and to rest my feet on.

    When I really want to travel lite but with a more stable chair I use my Nuprodx 3000tx. I know they seem pricey at first, but that thing has paid for itself time and again. I like the fact that I can use the 3000tx as a shower chair too, even if the "wheelchair accessible room with a barrier free shower" you booked really has a bath-tub when you get there. The Lumex seat cushion does nothing for you in the shower.

    I can throw 2 days worth of clothing and toilet supplies in the bag Nuprodx gives you with the chair. It truly is awesome. I weigh around 225lbs and after 9 or so years of use the only think I've needed to replace is the nylon back rest.

    I sprung for the wider legs when I encountered a toilet with a really wide base- the kind that are wall mounted. Those are $99 and worth every penny.

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