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Thread: ***Unite(D) to Fight Paralyses.***

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    ***Unite(D) to Fight Paralyses.***

    I've been thinking a lot about it lately.

    A SCI survivor can never fix his/her own cord no matter how much he/she knows how to do it. Not even successful researchers can't fix their own cord if God forbid they turn SCI. this goes for the bashing "know it alls"

    Can SCI's ever join forces to make things happen? Trolling and negativity doesn't seem to work. Can't depend on dishonest org's raising money in our namesake for own profit. Will continue to wait for things to happen on their own?

    Any thoughts how to add that "D"?

    It worked for Gays
    It worked for Marijuana
    It worked for women’s rights
    ??? does it make any sense? years are passing by in the meantime....

    10 million sci's exists? What’s preventing to join forces that could potentially impact the world to move things forward and get done quicker?
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    "Talk without the support of action means nothing..."
    ― DaShanne Stokes

    ***Unite(D) to Fight Paralyses***

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