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Thread: Supracor vs Purple cushion

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    Supracor vs Purple cushion

    Has anyone with a Supracor cushion tried a Purple cushion? How do they compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    Has anyone with a Supracor cushion tried a Purple cushion? How do they compare?
    I don’t think anyone has tried it. I haven’t tried and probably wouldn’t. The issue lies in that the Purple cushion isn’t contoured at all to fit one’s atrophied butt. If the purple cushion could be shaped then you’d have a viable cushion that could possibly replace a Stimulite.
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    From my read, the "Purple Cushion" is not a cushion for someone who uses a cushion in a wheelchair, i.e,spinal cord injury. Seems to me this cushion is made for people who have full, intact sense and need something to make their less than perfect seat more comfortable in a car, in a truck etc. That said, your injury level and butt sensory may make the "Purple Cushion" good for some, but certainly not for most spinal cord injured sitting in a wheelchair. If you are going to try this kind of alternative cushion, I think you need to have a discussion with a physical or occupational therapist who can map your seating needs.
    This kind of cushion should not be used without an evaluation.

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    I wouldn’t try it I’m a longtime supracor guy. Great cushions rep
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    I know this thread is old, but I’m the perfect person to answer this question as I use a Supracor cushion and I bought a Purple cushion to try it. I was disappointed. I have CP so I have sensation… and trying it on its own I could still feel the hard metal of my seat pan through the cushion. I think the designers could probably develop a wheelchair cushion, but what they have right now would not work on a standalone basis. It might be helpful for a situation like an airplane seat or on top of a regular foam cushion on a dining chair etc. But if you don’t have sensation I would use caution.

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    Good points. By the way, my supracor doesn't have any contour. That could be the reason I developed pressure (nothing open, nothing serious, just looked like bruising) on one side more than the other.

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