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Thread: finding doctors

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    finding doctors

    with this dam Obama care network what do u guys do when no drs are taking new patients. I have tried for a year I got 1 approved for vists but they quit in January. I have not been since june or so last year

    the only reason now I need scrip for cathes bags ostomsy supplies

    I got 3 montjs left thougt I had a dr here in town her parterner are with my ins but she is new and not.

    what hell do u do so fucking frustrated

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    Do you have a local hospital that's in-network for your plan? If so, they very well may have a hospital-owned Internal Medicine or Family Practice group.
    Because the Doctors are employees of the in -network hospital, they'd be in -network as well.

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    When I realized how impossible it was to get a doctor who took medicaid (all I could find was an NP who knew absolutely nothing... and I do mean nothing) I decided I would have to become my own doctor.

    But back to actual, practical advise, 2drwhofans has the right idea. Private practices (if those are even still a thing) may or may not take your insurance and your insurance may or may not change and your doctor may or may not stop taking your insurance next year when they have to renegotiate with each individual insurance company.

    Large hospital systems don't have to deal with this because they have more bargaining power than a small private practice so they can negotiate better rates, and therefore usually accept most if not all insurances. Start searching the websites of the biggest hospitals in your area... hopefully you don't have to drive too far.

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    Do you have Medicare? Medicaid? None of that should have anything to do with the Affordable Care Act.

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