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Thread: seat elevation, legs elevation worth it?

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    I cannot think of a more useful "option" than elevate for myself. Some companies ie. Quickie, Amysystems, Rovi and Motion Concepts offer Low or Ultra-low options with very low seat pan to floor heights (inclusive of multiple power seating option). Most companies have departments ie. Quickie's "Built-for-me". Investigate what they will offer.

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    I use my elevator all the time, several times a day. I use the chair indoors with the seat low and the footrests almost touching the ground, so that I can be at good heights for tables and desks. When I go out, I elevate a few inches for footrest ground clearance (the chair operates at full top speed up to a 3" elevation, and then drops to like 60% top speed). When I need to reach something in the fridge, or in the upper cabinets, or need to open/close windows I elevate (I live alone, so I don't have someone to reach for me). I often shop the grocery store in an elevated position. At all the bars and restaurants with bar height seating I can be at normal height to everyone else. At other restaurants, I can lower down to get under the tables. When in crowds (or shows when I am in the back) I elevate so that I can see a bit better. I can elevate while moving, which makes the slow (30 seconds) transition a bit more palatable. Since I only have the elevator as my one power option, my wheelchair (Amysystems) seat to floor height isn't any higher than normal. I have Kaiser/Medicare and the elevator was covered (I believe Kaiser is a little looser with Medicare guidelines as I had gotten them to cover my Quicke P222-SE, which is a group 4 chair). I believe the DME justified it for transfers (not just bed ones), but I am not sure.
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