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Thread: Wanted: Harness racing gloves

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    Wanted: Harness racing gloves

    Looking to buy harness 2 pocket mitt racing gloves size large

    Every supplier is out of stock and harness won't have any available until mid september
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    Once in a while I have seen used ones for sale in Sports n Spokes or Paraplegia News or New Mobility magazines.
    Are you familiar with the wheeler athletic program at University of Illinois? They may have used gloves or advise you. Check them online.
    There's also a very active program at University of Texas, Arlington, run by a wheeler, Darlene (I can get her last name if you need it).
    Also, there's a Facebook page where you might do a post: "History of Wheelchair Roadracing" (I think that's the title). You might ask 'where could I get them' as they seem to have a policy of no buying and selling through the site itself.

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    Wills77: Just sent a note to Darlene - on Facebook.

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