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Thread: New here and looking for a bit of help with my new ZRA.

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    New here and looking for a bit of help with my new ZRA.

    Hello! I've been silently lurking for awhile and the information I found here was very helpful. I don't have an SCI but rather a birth defect that has resulted in similar impairment to an incomplete spinal cord injury ~T8. My body is no longer able to handle all the abuse I used to throw at it so I am using a chair more now so I can be at least somewhat active. Insurance bought me a "custom" "lightweight" wheelchair years ago for college but it was 5 inches too wide, never rolled straight, and way too heavy for me to lift so I just moved on. I had been making do with a Quickie 2 lite I got off craigslist and modified but that was a short term solution at best.

    After looking at the information here and in my FB support group I ordered a ZRA which I meassured myself for. Overall I am very happy and the chair works so much bettrr than any chair I have ever used. It's pretty crazy. I was able to get the Spinergy Carbon Blades included and they are pretty sweet. The only thing that is iffy is my footrest angle and of course I have the non adjustable foot rest. It's 85 degrees but due to the confirguation of my chair my legs are tucked back uder the chair a bit which a) does not seem good for circulation and b) unlike in my old chair is not necessary (I made mt own footrest for the quickie lite) because this chair fits me so I don't need to tighten my legs to stay balanced.

    My chair specs are:

    16in wide
    15 in deep
    17.5 in FSH
    16.5 in RSH (could be a little lower but I've never had any dump so wanted to be conservative).
    COG is 1in (again could be adjusted a bit, I would like to move it forward maybe half an inch-3/4 of an inch)
    8.5-11.5 inch adjustable height back set at 11.5 inches (I think that is the back height, it's the shorest adjustable option)
    89?back angle (supports my oddly curved back)
    Adjustable height foot rest, currently at 13.5 inches.

    Any thoughts on what I can do? I have the open loop foot rest with abs cover. I was thinking of adding a couple of inches on ABS plastic to the foot rest. That seems like it would be relatively easy and allow my feet to rest a little further out. I have control of my legs so not worried about them falling off. Again love this chair, just need to make sure my legs actually get circulation especially as my limited feeling means I often don't notice problems right away.

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    I have an issue with my Icon footrest being too shallow as well. I added a layer of ABS that sticks out ~2" from the front and it works fine. It's only attached by heavy duty Velcro and it's never come off.
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