I have been dealing with ulnar and median nerve pain in both arms for about a year now. I recently had a decompression of both nerves in the right arm and so far the ulnar nerve pain is only mildly better and the median pain is significantly worse.

Thus far, I have seen OTs, hand specialists, followed up with my neurosurgeon, seen an orthopedic specialist, none of which seem to have answers. Some changes to my daily routines are being made, such as quitting my job because I would drive for 6 hours a day and the pain was too much. Admittedly, it was only after two weeks post surgery that I returned to work full time but even since quiting entirely, the relief has been minimal.

I've started therapy and used an H wave device which all but eliminated nerve pain in the elbow but did nothing for my hands.

Even a light breeze is enough to trigger the pain in my elbow which then runs down into my palm and ring finger.

Does anyone have any suggestions?