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Thread: Concealing a full sized pistol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    Just for the record, I'm gonna say I think off-body carry should be an occasional thing, not the norm. Especially for folks like us, who are mostly helpless if we get knocked out of our chair, which is the first thing anyone intending us grave bodily harm would do, IMO. I want my options to go with me.
    I?m late to the conversation but here?s my two cents. I agree with oddity 100%. It?s so easy to get knocked out of our chairs from behind so I prefer the gun stay on me. For competition, I?d fab a bracket that mounts to the down tube on your strong side where the grip is by your knee for fast comfortable draws (similar to the vid funklab attached). Conceal carry is a completely different scenario. I use to carry a 228, 226, 225 (single stack) for over a decade. I then switched to a govt 1911 because of the amazing trigger and concealability and only carry the 228 once in a blue moon for sentimental reasons. Like you, I hated striker fire guns because of the trigger until my cousin showed me his xdm 5.25 with a aftermarket trigger, which I now own one. Wow!!! It was as close to a 1911 trigger I?ve ever felt. I then got a M&p with a custom trigger. Again, a great trigger. For the longest time, I couldn?t figure out why anyone hadn?t come out with a Glock aftermarket trigger with a clean pull. Recently, my cousin told me to try his zev trigger on a 19. It still wasn?t as nice as the xdm or M&p triggers, but was a substantial improvement. Now, one of my carry piece is the 19 with a zev that I recently stippled and added an ameriglo front sight.

    I have to admit, it?s more comfortable and easier to shoot than any of the sigs and is a tie with the M&p. I also had the chance of shooting a shield with an apex trigger and I think I?ll eventually be picking one up in both 9mm and 45. I thought a subcompact would be harder to control but to my surprise it was easier in every way, e.g. follow up shots, sight alignment, muzzle rise, etc. I understand the need for higher capacity, but concealability is more important to me. I?ll forgo the high caps for a 7 or 8 rd with an extra mag that I can completely hide, but that?s just me. I just wish sig would get their act together with the 365 because that could be a perfect cc gun.

    I weigh less than 120 so it?s very difficult to conceal any gun. The govt 1911 conceals better for me than any of the others so I recently picked up a nighthawk t3 that I will be carrying instead of the govt size. I?ve been carrying strong side for the longest time but I think I?ll try a cross draw holster for the t3. Like you, my tilite is a snug fit but I?m still able to do it, kind of. Because I?m so skinny, the handle of a double stack tends to print quite a bit if I?m not careful. My problem is finding a kydex crossdraw holster for the 19 that I like. I?ll probably go with tt gun leather for the t3. Finally, could you cut the bottom corner of your seat back foam so there?s more room for the grip? I find that there?s a good bit of the seat back that my body never touches.

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    The 226 is definitely not going to be what I usually carry. I like the versatility and ease of concealment of my Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel. Not the greatest capacity, but a speed strip with 6 extra rounds (why not have the redundant round, right?) disappears in a pants pocket, and hopefully five 357 magnum rounds will be enough to get the job done.

    The P226 is primarily going to be for shooting steel challenge, and maybe some other competitions if I run into them, and now that I've bought it I guess I don't have to justify it to myself any more, but it would still be nice to work out a way to carry it. Based on my wardrobe and chair and body habitus I don't think there's any way I'm going to conceal a double stack full size pistol on me, so if/when I carry it it will pretty much have to be on the chair and not on me.

    I'm partial to the 1911 myself and before I tightened my chair up so much that single stack fit rather nicely on the strong side with a small of the back holster OWB, but it pretty much had to be winter or it was impossible to conceal. I've been shooting the Sig a lot since I bought it, but I when the excitement of something shiny and new wears off I think my stainless Delta elite is still going to be my favorite gun to shoot... I've just got to start handloading for it because the "cheap" 10mm ammo is too weak to cycle reliably and I'd feel weird about putting weaker springs in a 10mm to run underpowered ammo... what's the point of a 10mm if you're gonna do that, right? I've got a Paraordnance 1911 in 45 that I've been using for the steel challenge for the last couple shoots, but the 8 shot capacity is definitely a handicap unless you're super accurate.

    If I go with my idea for the little pocket in the back I won't need to remove any foam from the backrest, I'll rig it so it rides well below that where the material is just nylon. I'll probably have to elongate the nylon a little, but that shouldn't be very hard to do. And if I rig it to hold the sig, it will be easy to rig it to hold a 1911 style gun too.

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    Was headed to the practice range this morning, snapped this shot of my preferred full-size carry method:

    That's a 5.5" barrel FNP-45 Tactical, 16+1 double-stack .45ACP. About as full-size as a handgun can get. Riding in a Ronin Concealment OWB kydex with a 10deg forward cant. It tuckss nicely up against my love handle and conceals amazingly well under a normal, untucked, over shirt...especially for such a large handgun.
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    I got a Vedder Lighttuck holster for my P226, and I've been messing around with it in the house. I can (kind of) wear it strong side, but it pushes my sideguard out another quarter of an inch so if my weight shifts at all the sidguard starts dragging against the tire.

    I think appendix is probably the best option for my body type, but that fat double stack grip prints pretty obviously in a t-shirt or button down, so it's probably no good for summer. I tried it on with a hoodie, and it pretty much disappears amongst the folds of excess material, but it will be a couple months before the weather is anything approaching cool enough to get away with a hoodie around these parts. Of course we could argue the merits of rolling around town with a hollow point aimed at the family jewels, and this position means I can't lean forward (at least not far enough to grab my foot or something on the ground in front of me, but I think for the most part it will work if push comes to shove.

    Just found out my concealed handgun permit apparently shipped out nine months ago, but never arrived, so they're sending me out another one. I really like the Vedder holster, so I think I'm going to buy another one for my 1911s (I have a Para Ordnance gov't size .45 and a Delta Elite 10mm), I think the slim grip will conceal much better than the sig... then we get to have a debate about pointing a hollow point at the boys all day with the hammer cocked...

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