So I'm trying to convince myself that I have enough money to buy a new pistol, but to justify it I have to at least figure out a practical way that I could conceal it.

Basically I am looking to buy a full size (or near full size) 9mm double stack pistol, preferably SA/DA, probably a Sig P226 or a Glock 19 (or 17) maybe a CZ clone. These are just to give you an idea of the kind of gun I'm going to get, I haven't picked the exact model yet, just want to demonstrate that it's a pretty sizeable gun.

So here's me: 6' tall 130 pounds, T8 complete, TiLite ZRA that's 13" wide (so literally not enough room to slide my hand between my hip and the sideguards of my chair, which is how I like it). Given the bulk of this gun I would probably only carry it to and from the car in the summer and only keep it on my person in the winter time with more clothes to cover it up, unless I can think of a good place to stash it on my body/chair that would work for summer too (this would be ideal). When I'm at work I wear a pair of khakis or other semi-dress pants and a button down shirt, but I can't carry at work. When I'm off of work I usually wear somewhat baggy jeans (because I'm embarassed of my atrophied legs and because I came of age in the 90s when Jncos were a thing) and usually a button down shirt maybe a hoodie or a zip up coat depending on how cool it is (obviously assuming fall/winter here).

I'd prefer to carry on my body, but could be convinced of an innovative enough way to carry on the chair if it was secure and I could still draw quickly.

I saw this guy on youtube years ago and just refound the video. Obviously his was done to meet the technical requirements of the competition he was in, but an idea similar to this could be intersting.

When I have a concealed carry permit I usually carry a Ruger SP101 (essentially a J-frame sized 5 shot revolver with a 3 inch barrel) and usually just carry it cross draw inside my waistband with no holster (no holster was legal in the state I was carrying in at the time, I know it's not legal many places, and I'd prefer a setup with a holster, but it was pretty secure - I never dropped it). A very few times I carried a full size 1911 in a small of the back holster like this
only I rotated the holster over to the 3:00 position on my right hip, because of the sag in my pants (again, a product of the 90s, apologies if this offends your sensibilities), this left the gun pretty much vertical. It was an uncomfortably high draw, but the gun was very secure, however when I got my current chair there wasn't enough clearance even for the slender barrel of the 1911 on my side. Once or twice I carried a desert eagle and a 500 S&W magnum stuffed in my waistband to the grocery store as well, but that was more for shits and giggles than any practicality.

The reason I want a double stack 9mm is that I'm starting to do Steel Challenge, and while I'd be happy to use my Delta Elite if they would only let me (they're afraid the 10mm will hurt their steel plates i guess???), I'm forced to use my .45 1911. Needless to say, I don't need any more disadvantages than the decreased mobility, and having only 8 rounds means I'm often reloading when others wouldn't need to. Also .45 ammo is getting expensive and I'm not set up to reload it, so cheaper 9mm rounds would be nice. In Steel Challenge I end up in the same category as everyone else with iron sights, which means many other people are literally running race guns with their optics swapped out for iron sights and the people I hope to one day be more competitive against are shooting stock Glocks or XDs with double the capacity of my lil old 1911.

If you've got a suggestion for a pistol I should look at that meets the following criteria I'm open to suggestions:
Capacity of at least 12 rounds (preferably 15 or more)
SA/DA preferred, but I'm open to 1911 style SA only and striker fired (I just don't really like striker fired guns)
Barrel length 4" or more
Grip large enough to get all my fingers on (I wear large sized gloves)

Bonus points if it doesn't have a picatinny rail (I never use those and think they look ugly)

Anywho, I'd be happy to hear any thoughts yall have and especially and personal experience. For all I know the video above might be one of you fine folks.