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Yep, my fat fingers - definitely a motor was what I intended.

That Icon looks awesome, but I had envisaged pedallling also. In fact I suspect that may not be allowed on most mountain bike trails here as even electric assist bikes are polarising opinions on whether or not they should be allowed. I bets it's all kinds of fun though.

i had exactly the same as that rear tyre on my last fat bike, and something like that would definitely help with traction.
When I first got my Boma I asked one of my friends who has a large mountain biking forum website to run a poll on whether the site users would accept various types of vehicle and was surprised that so high a % didn't want off road wheelchairs even on easy blue graded trails! We can use off road wheelchairs legally on public paths and I have never had a problem, most people are pleased to see a disabled person out enjoying nature. Even horse riders that can be a problem mountain biking don't get annoyed by the Boma.