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Thread: My dad died and I am sick of being disabled

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    Maybe someone else can relate. Most of the time I am ?ok? with being disabled. When shit hits the fan I am not ok with it at all. My dad died on Aug 7th. I knew it was coming, but still. I can?t do what I would want to do in the aftermath. I can?t go on a solo road trip, or go anywhere by myself, really. I would have wanted to go on a walk about. Instead I am in my room, looking out the window. Occasionally I look at nature photos online. I feel so trapped. My condition is degenerative, and it?s taking the use of my hands and arms now. Stress makes it worse, so I am feeling weaker that even a few days ago. To make things even worse (they can always be even worse) my dad died the night before he was to sign paperwork setting up a special needs trust for me. So now it will be years, lawyers will be involved, hopefully I won?t lose my Medicaid, etc. My disability has even infiltrated this. I am so fucking sick of it all.
    I too am sick of relying on a chair and other matters.
    What I am not sick of is seeing joy in life around me. The company of close friends I have. Warm sunny days. And more.
    I am sure that we all understand something of what you are experiencing.
    I figure that life is mathematics based; it is a sine wave that can have different amplitudes and frequencies. Hot and cold. Ying and Yang. Day and night. Winter and Summer it all has balance and the trough can seem deep but with inner strength, time and love we can climb out of it. These feelings may return deeper or shallower, who may know(?).

    Life is a sine wave.
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