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    Quote Originally Posted by beckman View Post
    Should the strait connector, that comes with the extension tubing, that connects to the catheter be sterile?
    Ideally, perhaps. But the Urocare tubing and connector that I get is not sterile. The Urocare leg bag does not come with extension tubing, that is a separate. item. I am covered by Medicare and because of Medicare requirements, my medical supplier has to include a Urocare 18 inch tubing with a connector package with an order of 2 Urocare leg bags. I don't need 18 inches of tubing to connect from the catheter to the leg bag. I cut the tubing in half and use the piece with the connector. When I change leg bags, I remove the connector, wash it with soap and water, rinse, and wipe down with alcohol and connect it to the other half of the extension tubing and use that until time to change the leg bag again, then I start with a new package of 18 inch extension tubing and connector and repeat the process. Below is the extension tubing that my medical supplier includes with the leg bags.
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