June 15th I contacted Therapeutic Alliance about a fault on my FES bike. Receiving ?open, left hamstring?. It?s not the cables; tested them using the dummy-load box. I am able to ride by reducing the max stim on left ham to zero but not at the resistance level I want. At higher resistance I can tell I?m dragging along half of a leg and I get additional shutdowns with different error codes.

Between June 15th and July 10th I was receiving some correspondence to aid in troubleshooting, but I have sent a dozen emails since July 10th that have all gone unanswered. I have gone as far as asking for a quote for a new Stim Control Box and haven?t received a response.

I guess I have two questions. Does anyone live next door to these guys to see if the lights are still on? And, are there any suggestions to troubleshoot the problem I am having with the bike?