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Thread: Thc. Problems..

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    Thc. Problems..

    So I have been trying to do thc for a long time but everytime I ya it it makes my body hurt even more, does that happen to anyone else . I never was one to use thc so maybe I?m doin to much I?m not sure does anyone have hang advice

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    Just based on what I see on this site, several people have reported similar findings, that getting high makes the pain much worse.

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    "Medical" marijuana (and I use the world medical very loosely here), might help with nausea and vomiting, almost certainly increases appetite, but otherwise anyone making claims as to it's health or therapeutic benefits are snake oil salesmen and cannot back up their claims with actual, reliable science.

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    Same here, it increased neuro for me. And I started groaning a lot too, weird

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    You might try using CBD oil instead.

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    Yep. My neuro shoots through the roof for the first 30 minutes, or so.
    "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

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    Same here, no one enjoyed weed more than me before my injury. The few times I tried it afterwards made the pain much worse. My transfers much harder too.

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    To start with - there are two important parts to marijuana - THC, and CBD.
    THC is what makes you high. CBDs do not make you high, and many people find comfort thru them.
    CBDs can also come from hemp, and you can find CBD powder online.
    Our experience is only that - but maybe it will help you shape yours.
    My wife is a T9 incomplete. She gets FAST and complete relief to her neurological pain if she smokes a puff or two. However, she does not like getting 'high." The line seems to be between one and two puffs. It doesn't last long (less than an hour), but it definitely works for that long. We've been playing around with CBDs - which are legal to buy anywhere. The down side is that you have to take a little THC to open the door for CBDs to do their thing. You have to live in the right places to get access to THC.
    I have been making her 'edibles' that she can nibble on all day long. I have tried gummy bears, brownies, and tootsie rolls - I am looking for something I can easily put the powder into that won't rot, and isn't fattening - so far without satisfaction.
    We take 2-3 hits at bed time & we both fall asleep nicely.

    Best luck to each of you.

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