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Thread: Thc. Problems..

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    THC is useful as a distractant for pain. That's a word I just made up. Essentially, THC makes it difficult to focus on more than one thing. So if you're dealing with nerve pain by distracting yourself from it, THC can augment that process.

    I have found, however, that CBD:THC oils that have them in a 1:1 ratio actively suppress my nerve pain. Unfortunately, I haven't found this result with every 1:1 vape cartridge I've tried and I don't have easy access (for now) to try to pin down why. My best results (by far) were a 1:1 vape cartridge from a company called 710 (or similar) in Southern California.

    Remember that CBD from the male plant (aka Hemp) is not reliable for any medical application as it suffers a "bell response" where pain relief edged up but then falls back down to zero with increasing dose. CBD derived from the whole female plant (aka Marijuana) does not have this problem. This was published in a peer reviewed paper that I've posted links to before.
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    THC amplifies my pain substantially

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    It heightens your perception of what you're feeling.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    It depends on how I use it. Just a little won't do anything. It may even amplify all feelings including pain. More is better. But more also makes you stupid. Eating is the best. But eating it makes you couch glue. I find the optimal results are found by smoking a few tokes after 2-3 drinks of alcohol.

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    I tried a CBD capsule a few weeks ago which produced a paradoxical effect. I am definitely doing better with the CBD oil. I think it's because I can control the dose.
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