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Thread: Problems with cracking noises from power wheelchair

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    Problems with cracking noises from power wheelchair

    Does anyone have a Quickie QM-710 and notice that it makes squeaking and cracking noises from the back when you go over the slightest bump? I got this power wheelchair back in October 2017, and despite my caregivers drying it off quickly when I come in form the rain, or dusting it in the dry summer air, it still has been making these noises. I have checked and nothing is loose or broken off. It doesn't matter what speed profile I have it on or if the tilt/recline are activated, it still makes these noises when I got over the tinest bump on the sidewalk.
    Is this common for this model of power wheelchair? I swear, this power chair sounds like something I've had for years rather than months.


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    When I hear creaking noises in my chair I start looking for a cracked frame. Look around the welds for metal dust. You can get fancy a spray an area with oil (cooking, or WD40), let sit a minute then lightly wipe the oil off. Dust with baby powder. If you see dark lines in the powder near a weld its a crack.

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    First thing I would check is the drive wheel fasteners to make sure they're not loose.

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