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Thread: Alber Twion Wheels Wheel Code Frustrations

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    Alber Twion Wheels Wheel Code Frustrations

    I was able to grab some brand new Alber Twion Wheels for an awesome price on ebay and they just arrived today. To pair them with my phone, I need to make a wheelset. To do this it connects to both wheels and then asks for the wheelcode for each wheel. I have put in every series of numbers on the wheels (none of which are labeled) and none work. A detailed look through the manual and a google search later and I still can not figure out where to find the code. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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    It's printed on a wallet sized card that Alber sends in a square white box that is about 8"x8"x1". They could have done a much better job of indicating what the card was for. If the codes haven't been registered, performance will be limited.

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    Thank you for your reply. I don't have that box or card so looks like I'll have to contact the seller (who knows very little about the wheels) and wait for a response from Alber.

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    SCI_OTR, do you have the Twion wheels? If so, how do you mount them to your chair? I have a tilite TR and the axels they came with seem to be too short. They also came with mounting hardware for a Quickie 2 and an Invacare Pro Spin both are box frame chairs so I doubt they'll be of much use.

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    Their software for setting up wheels was pulled by the FDA.
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    The software for the mobility plus package was pulled by the FDA, not the actual app I believe. I already have the app and am planning on getting the mobility plus package in Europe.
    The ebay seller called Alber and Alber said that you do not need the card to make the wheels work. If that is true then how do I use the wheels without the app? Alber's manual is pretty much useless and there are no instructions anywhere on how to actually use the wheels. I emailed Alber last night and got a response this morning saying that I need to contact the dealer I got the wheels from, obviously I can't do that. So I called Alber and left a voice message. Honestly, I'm pretty peeved at Alber's lack of customer service, transparency and instructions.
    Not to mention I still can't figure out how to get the wheels on my chair.

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    There is an interface bracket that is specific to the model of chair they are intended to be installed on. It is similar to the e-motion bracket but is not fully compatible.

    TiLite provides an empty aluminum camber tube (no camber plugs) when they ship the chair to Alber USA. Alber's camber inserts are installed in the end of this tube. To use narrow hub Spinergy wheels with TiLite's quick release axles in the Alber insert, a spacer is needed because the axle is too long.
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    Update: After many emails and five hours in the shop doing too much math, I was finally able to get the and attach the brackets to mount the wheels onto my chair. The wheels now work great. As for the app, I plan to either wait and get the upgrade when it comes back out in the US or just gets it next time I'm in England. Whichever comes sooner. Thank you, everyone, for your help, just goes to show that no matter how much research you do, you're never know everything.

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