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    can anyone tell me where I can buy just the replacement mouth tips? thanks.


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    Doreen, I understand and I know exactly what you are looking for with these replacement tips. I do not use a mouthstick but I know a couple of people who do and I just sent at an e-mail to one of them. I may have an answer tomorrow. Good luck!


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    Paul, this is a good question. When I loose my mouthstick tips I replace it with a pencil eraser it's a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to gain the same
    function that the tip accomplished. The other way is to have the mouthstick

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    Chad uses those rubber tips you are intended to put over your finger to make it sticky for picking up papers ....

    wait, here's a link - I can't describe them!

    Doo-hickies for end of moutstick!

    And better yet, $1.92 for a box of 12 of them!

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