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Thread: Lasher Sport Wheelchairs

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    If they are active on social media, that's where you have to hit them. Instagram, FB, Twitter. Post your story. Ask why they haven't responded. Complain about their shitty service.

    If that doesn't drive them to change, it will drive them out of business which may be where they should end up from the sound of things.

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    I have a chair, BT-X and a non suspension bike. As Oddity said both are rock solid but pricy to say the least. I’ve had them both about 6 years and no issues other than wear items, tires and such.
    The wife and I visited the shop in Vegas a couple years back and Bill Jr still owned it. I was thinking about a Mag frame chair so I’ll be interested how this shakes out.
    My chair took about 4 months, same with the bike.

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