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Thread: Sacramento pool hall closes after ADA lawsuit from Scott Johnson

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    Sacramento pool hall closes after ADA lawsuit from Scott Johnson

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    I've heard about this guy before. He does seem a little despicable, but he's operating within the law given him by the state of California. I mean who runs a business in California and can't afford an extra five or six figure lawsuit every once in a while, that's like six months of rent for a studio apartment in San Francisco.

    Getting mad at this dude for suing is like getting mad at ambulance chasers for doing their thing. It may not be moral, but it's certainly legal, and by my rough calculations this cat has brought in at least two or three million in "damages". At least some of the time he is fixing real issues. It's just a shame small business owners are being forced to fund his lifestyle in order to get a fraction of the changes made that we need.

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    Reading that Complaint, that guy completely sullies the cause of people with disabilities everywhere.

    I cannot believe that somebody who has supposedly shouldered the responsibility of championing the cause of people with disabilities and fighting for ADA compliance could even consider conducting himself in such a dishonorable and apparently lecherous manner.

    I also do not understand how he could be making any sort of a living off of filing complaints for ADA compliance, a lawsuit for ADA compliance is not supposed to result in any rewards of real damages except for attorneys fees, only in forcing compliance with ADA legislation (perhaps he is an attorney filing lawsuits or other plaintiffs, I don't know).

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    California statute allows $4K per 'inaccessible' occurrence. He claims lots of them...nobody wants to pay $$$ to dispute them.

    There's a few more examples of ADA extortions, I ran into a story about fairly big operation in I believe, AZ. I guess if a state allows compensation tacked onto the ADA law...guess what's next

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    Like Andy said. It shouldn’t be called an “ADA lawsuit” because it’s not it’s a specific CA law not a federal law he’s exploiting.

    i read a while back that he would sue over things like the mirror in a gas station bathroom being 3” higher than regulation, and he would find the time to use that gas station bathroom a hundred miles from his home six or seven times before suing so he could claim $24,000 in damages for only being able to see the top of his face while washing his hands.

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    That is a tough situation depending on what your opinion is on lawsuits in general. Prior to my injury I was on track to enlist in the military for several years and then or my law degree, so I certainly have a particular view on lawsuits as a result of that.

    However, regardless of one's opinion on lawsuits, the way that this Complaint states that this man is conducting himself as a disabled person as well as the way that he is conducting himself as a business owner is simply reprehensible.

    A complaint like this is obviously one-sided and I'm sure the employees are also attempting to obtain monetary damages in this suit as well and therefore will be painting the facts in a certain way because they are attempting to win money in this case. He gets a slight benefit of the doubt because of that and because he is disabled, however only a slight benefit of the doubt, given the preponderance of evidence against is character and integrity.

    I have many female personal care assistants and I cannot imagine doing anything to make them feel like they would have any grounds to complain about my character. The relationship between a nurse and a patient is something that should absolutely never be defiled by such behavior, female nurses saved my life and brought me back from the dead and I can never imagine acting in such a way to the people who are responsible for saving my life. I cannot think of an adjective strong enough to describe my feelings about that sort of behavior. I would die a horrible death without people around me to help me all the time until I can get better and I can't believe that any of us would ever forget how grateful we should be to those angels who help us.

    My first thought was honestly that he needs to be exiled from the community of people with disabilities at large and probably from the community of officers of the court as well. If this is all true. If I lived in California, I would make one of my near and dear projects attempting to seriously undermine this guys business. If these black marks against his character are all true.

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    The fact that he’s getting sued by his exemployees does seem fitting in a way. Their entire business model was suing other people. They learned well from him.

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    If I read correctly the slick dude won, case dismissed. Click down in the civil case details to item 103 "summary judgement" preview.

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