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Thread: Dealing with nasal gastric tube

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    Dealing with nasal gastric tube

    I wound up in the hospital with a small bowel obstruction. I was throwing up all night before I came in.

    The hospital has me on an NG tube hoping the obstruction will resolve on its own. I find it extremely annoying. I doubt I could sleep with it at all. Any tips for dealing with it? It did cure the nausea.

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    Suck it up? Ha! See what I did there?
    Sorry, I got nothing to really help, but maybe you'll laugh.
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    sounds like a complete blockage which would explain the ng tube.

    They should work on clearing the blockage!
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    IV morphine immediately removed all the pain, and I was able to get some sleep. As long as I can sleep at night, I think I can put up with pain during the day. The nurse also taped the tube more securely to the nose, the tape was coming undone.
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    Oh no! Hope you get better soon!
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    I've had three ileus(s) in two years. The first time, it took four teams of people, multiple efforts, to get the NG tube in and the next day they noticed that the tip was bent up so it had to be replaced. I never got used to the feeling but I think the longest that I had mine in was just about 60 hours. The person who removes the tube will be your new best friend. Sorry that I don't have any solutions... though something like Chloraseptic or throat numbing spray might give you a few hours sleep at night. Good luck.

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    The tube is out finally. At the end it hurt less because it was taped so much more securely.

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    Unfortunately, a NG tube is not pleasant no matter what. If you are nauseous and vomiting enough though, you will beg them to put it in. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. Not much you can do to make it comfortable - I just shoot for the least uncomfortable. Taping securely is one thing. The throat spray does help a little. Other than that, like it was said before, you just have to suck it up.
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    I have had an NG tube in due to surgeries and gastroparesis (before I got a permanent GJ feeding tube for Pedialyte at night via feeding pump). One thing that the nurse gave me was numbing spray for my throat, which helps so very much! Also, see if they can use some tape other than Tagederm. I found that the longer this tape is on your skin, the more red and itchy your skin gets. Since I had them in for up to a week after surgeries and once for 2 weeks during a bad gastroparesis flare, I also was told by a nurse to distract myself as much as possible, so you are not concentrating on how uncomfortable the tube is in your nose and throat. I crocheted, colored in adult coloring books, played online games on Facebook, played board games with my caregivers, and did meditation, which helped, but I was glad to have it out of my nose.

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