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Thread: Supracor Stimulite Cushion hack?

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    Supracor Stimulite Cushion hack?

    For the life of me, I can't remember what some rep at the Abilities Expo explained could cut the material on the Supracor cushions. To make like a little well where I have a pointy ischial and previous pressure sore. I think he said some sort of blade, that you can heat up? Has anyone done this? I'm getting this cushion with my new chair, and wanted to try it because demoing once, I was struck with how stable I felt, and sitting up straight. I like the support. And comfortable, except that one trouble spot. I taped down my Roho Hybrid in two cells, and that helped tremendously. So that cushion has done me well. I like that on the Supracor, it breathes, and is washable easily. So fingers crossed I can use that cushion, too!

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    I used an electric meat carving knife to alter the length, by trimming the front edge back an inch. Don't think I'd ever try to contour the sitting surface like that but it might work.
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    You definitely can! My OT cut out a big square portion right under tailbone so I could sit with little pressure being applied to the boney spots on my butt. I used to have chronic pressure sores. I watcher her use a utility knife and just hacked away. It’s not a showroom floor job but I wouldn’t trade the cushion for any other. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.
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    Switch bread out with Supracor and go to town. It takes a little bit of work but I've cut them for multiple uses, especially handcycle cushions.

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    Thanks everyone. Anyone post pics? Can you cut small areas with that big of a knife? It would suck to mess up lol.

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