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Thread: Plastic Straw Ban

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    I tell ya - Its a plot - disguised as environmentalism - to rid the woirld of quads!

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    Just back from shoprite. I use a 15 year old STOLEN shopping basket, but nobody cares anymore, there have been 2 iterations since that one.

    Watched with dismay and disgust as an overweight middle class person rolled out with two carts. One was packed solid with a multitude of yellow plastic bags, probably 30 or more.
    Certainly more than needed and going to the landfill.
    A second cart was filled with cases of water in, of course, scads of plastic bottles. All loaded into his giant SUV.
    Mother Nature is fucked!
    And we are ugly.
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    There is a giant patch of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean that is often sited as the great dumping ground for plastic straws, plastic food clamshell containers, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, and plastic cups. But, the biggest contributor to this gigantic drift of plastic trash is fish nets and other fishing gear, according to this National Geographic report:

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the world’s largest collection of floating trash—and the most famous. It lies between Hawaii and California and is often described as “larger than Texas,” even though it contains not a square foot of surface on which to stand. It cannot be seen from space, as is often claimed.

    The lack of terra firma did not deter a pair of advertising executives from declaring the patch to be an actual place. They named it the nation of Trash Isles, signed up former Vice President Al Gore as its first “citizen” and last fall, petitioned the United Nations for recognition. The publicity stunt perpetuated the myth.

    The patch was discovered in 1997 by Charles Moore, a yachtsman who had sailed through a mishmash of floating plastic bottles and other debris on his way home to Los Angeles. It was named by Curtis Ebbesmeyer, a Seattle oceanographer known for his expertise in tracking ocean currents and the movement of cargo lost overboard, including rubber duck bath toys and Nike tennis shoes. The patch is now the target of a $32 million cleanup campaign launched by a Dutch teenager, Boyan Slat, now 23, and head of the Ocean Cleanup, the organization he founded to do the job.

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    Here's where plastic straws end up at.

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    I've been using canvas re-usable bags for my shopping for a decade. And a good stainless steel container for water. I'd use my own mug for coffee at drive-thrus if they'd let me ... and I just purchased 4 stainless steel straws a month ago. We do what we can!
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    ''The Disney Company will do so in the happiest places on Earth.

    The global campaign to do away with plastic drinking straws is gaining momentum as environmentalistscontinue to try to reduce plastic waste polluting beaches, parks and oceans and filling landfills. Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda are among the growing list of cities that restrict or ban them in many businesses.''

    Hey Disney! How is this going to help reduce plastic waste polluting beaches, parks and oceans and filling landfills?

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    Silicone straws, they're soft, flexible and reusable. Won't injure your mouth or teeth even if you fell on them, unlike stainless steel which would surely rip your mouth up. Can be used with hot or cold liquids. They come with cleaning brushes too. I've been using them for a year and find them better than any other straw. A great gift to yourself and the environment!

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