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    Hello everyone,

    I know that some of you already know the Laserponcture but I would like to do a quick introduction.

    I am Albert Bohbot, the inventor of Laserponcture, a technique that combines acupuncture and laser treatment. Without going into detail, the laser follows the points and meridians of Chinese Medicine. The objective of Laserponcture is to stimulate intact neurons in the spine in the case of incomplete cord injury. The machine that diffuses the laser is the result of a partnership with the Ecole Nationale Sup?rieure des Arts et M?tiers, located in Cluny (Burgundy, France). It is one of the best engineering schools in France.

    Regarding the treatment, I treated hundred of patients from all over the world (Some are on this forum). Many of them found sensitivity in the limbs, bladder and rectum. The Laserponcture does not allow to walk again, it's not a miracle therapy but I am fully convinced after 30 years of work with paraplegics and tetraplegics that it improves the comfort of life.

    I have been sick for two years now and I have to resign myself to definively stop my activity. Anyway, because of the brutal stop of the Laserponcture, many of my patients have found themselves without treatment and many are waiting for it to restart.

    Worried about the future of my invention, I wish to sell my technique and my machine, the ideal candidate would be a specialist of acupuncture. I'm ready to teach the technique to someone. The Laserponcture is the work of my whole life!

    For those who do not know the Laserponcture yet, here are some articles that talk about my technique and my machine.

    the website "Healing Theparies" is the result of the work of Laurance Johnston, doctor in biochemistry and molecular biology (PhD in Northwestern University, Illinois)

    French television made a television report on the Laserponcture a few years ago (a part of the tv report is in English, the testimony of my patient)

    If you are interested or you know someone interested, please contact me in private message.
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