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I have waited a long time to get this chair, and won't get it delivered til Monday. But they sent some picks, and my heart sank. Other than the chair looks overall badass, there are some things that wasn't supposed to happen. The footplate was supposed to be angle adjustable with NO risers (hhhaaaate risers!!!!!) so I can use my FreeWheel attachment, and cuz of looks. The DME built it this way. The backrest had some brackets overnighted, because it was too far forward, but it looks still WAY too far forward! Like I won't be able to propel properly, and be sitting in the chair. The wheels are too far back this way. I wonder what happened?? I'm not sure in their measuring they accounted for the backrest design being more forward with the Roho Agility. Sigh. So worried. I hope like hell that they can fix it. I don't know about the footrest. Ki assured them they could make it with the short legs I have without risers, yet here it is. And the biggest risers I've ever had to boot. WTF. I hope the back can go back further, too. But sounds like maybe not.
Here's some pics...
Those pics show a messed up chair IMO. Note the front of the seat cushion is lined up at the front of the seat pan, so if it is the correct cushion correcting the the backrest will leave a gap at the back. It looks like they moved the back forward to fill in the gap between cushion and back. Second look at the side guards, wha? sloppy mess. As for your foot rest if they could not build it as you requested they should have informed you **before** proceeding so that you could use your Freewheel. I think you should refuse this chair. Mike Box makes custom chairs if that is what is called for, just a suggestion.