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Thread: Alber's New Powered Hand Cycle

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    Alber's New Powered Hand Cycle

    I was just poking around on Alber's website and I found this
    Never noticed it before so it must be new and I couldn't find any posts on here about it. Thought it looked cool so decided to share it with everyone. It has smartphone connectability, 31 mile range but weighs a whopping 40lbs.
    Now I wonder how much it's going to cost...

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    German pricing:

    4.940,00 € for the 5 km/h 3.7mph model (who the feck wants that!!!)
    5.560,00 € for the 15 km/h 9.3mph model (The German price includes compulsory insurance, registration plate, and lights which are required under EU law).

    Additional replacement battery (+ 760 EUR )
    Mobility Plus Package (+ 390 EUR ) - This is the smartphone app which unlocks an increase in speed to 20 km/h, adds cruise control & nav.

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