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Thread: New Ki Mobility Rogue worries

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    New Ki Mobility Rogue worries

    I have waited a long time to get this chair, and won't get it delivered til Monday. But they sent some picks, and my heart sank. Other than the chair looks overall badass, there are some things that wasn't supposed to happen. The footplate was supposed to be angle adjustable with NO risers (hhhaaaate risers!!!!!) so I can use my FreeWheel attachment, and cuz of looks. The DME built it this way. The backrest had some brackets overnighted, because it was too far forward, but it looks still WAY too far forward! Like I won't be able to propel properly, and be sitting in the chair. The wheels are too far back this way. I wonder what happened?? I'm not sure in their measuring they accounted for the backrest design being more forward with the Roho Agility. Sigh. So worried. I hope like hell that they can fix it. I don't know about the footrest. Ki assured them they could make it with the short legs I have without risers, yet here it is. And the biggest risers I've ever had to boot. WTF. I hope the back can go back further, too. But sounds like maybe not.
    Here's some pics...
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    Damn dude. If you've got the order in writing on a quote or a CAD or something I'd tell them hells no if that's not what you ordered. Collect all your correspondence and prepare to make a stand if needed! Our chairs need to be right. This isn't an "almost" is good enough situation. Good luck.
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    They never did send me a CAD. I do have it in writing. But like with the back, I said I wanted the Roho Agility. It's the Carbon one I wanted though. It contours more and waaaay less hardware on it, and it fits flush with the poles. I don't know wtf happened with the footrests. This is gonna be a pain, I'm sure....

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    Just curious.... how would they do your footplate without risers?

    Were you thinking of having the arm for the casters come much higher up on the front door tubing ?

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    I don't know how. They just said that they could. Without the clamp on, or risers. It worked on my TiLite, though they could be a tad higher. That's the highest risers I've ever seen here. Couldn't they have lost a little bit of the frame below the caster arm?

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    Yikes. Looks like a bottom pressure sore waiting to happen. Extremely uncomfortable to boot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Yikes. Looks like a bottom pressure sore waiting to happen. Extremely uncomfortable to boot.
    Right? Looks SO far forward! Like what are they thinking? And supposedly it was WORSE and they ordered hardware to make it not so much. That's like 4-5" past the poles! I gotta get that Agility Carbon, it sits much better, looks cleaner, too. IDK what the hell is going to work for the foot plate. I got a Supracor contour too, and am going to try and make a well for my ischial on one side.

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    The Java back sits the furthest back than any other I've tried. Many adjustments to reall dial in how you want to sit. The one on yours is wayyy to forward. If it's not right, refuse to accept it and don't sign for it.

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    I just installed a Varilite Icon back on my wife's chair. If you flip the adjuster pieces on the back of the shell exchanging left piece with right piece you get extra depth moving the center of the shell slightly behind the backposts.

    Don't accept chair until they modify it to conform to your specs.

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    That hardware installed looks to be the removable type. You might want to try the fixed attachment type.
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