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Thread: New Ki Mobility Rogue worries

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    I have waited a long time to get this chair, and won't get it delivered til Monday. But they sent some picks, and my heart sank. Other than the chair looks overall badass, there are some things that wasn't supposed to happen. The footplate was supposed to be angle adjustable with NO risers (hhhaaaate risers!!!!!) so I can use my FreeWheel attachment, and cuz of looks. The DME built it this way. The backrest had some brackets overnighted, because it was too far forward, but it looks still WAY too far forward! Like I won't be able to propel properly, and be sitting in the chair. The wheels are too far back this way. I wonder what happened?? I'm not sure in their measuring they accounted for the backrest design being more forward with the Roho Agility. Sigh. So worried. I hope like hell that they can fix it. I don't know about the footrest. Ki assured them they could make it with the short legs I have without risers, yet here it is. And the biggest risers I've ever had to boot. WTF. I hope the back can go back further, too. But sounds like maybe not.
    Here's some pics...
    Those pics show a messed up chair IMO. Note the front of the seat cushion is lined up at the front of the seat pan, so if it is the correct cushion correcting the the backrest will leave a gap at the back. It looks like they moved the back forward to fill in the gap between cushion and back. Second look at the side guards, wha? sloppy mess. As for your foot rest if they could not build it as you requested they should have informed you **before** proceeding so that you could use your Freewheel. I think you should refuse this chair. Mike Box makes custom chairs if that is what is called for, just a suggestion.
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    Whatever you do do NOT accept a chair that is not exactly as you ordered and leave the shop with it. NO, no, no. Just say not right, unacceptable. It sounds like they are trying to convince themselves ans you that it is adjustable when it is not.

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    Kinda looks like they just mounted the hardware facing the wrong way.
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    What in the sweet mother of holy hell did they rig together?

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    It looks like they could cut the downtubes just below the caster arms and move the footplate WAY up.
    Also, since they're so able to weld and fabricate, the two footplate tubes could be cut and a 90* attachment created for a foot plate that could be as high as flush with the footplate mounting clamps.
    This couldn't be butt welded to the plate-too much strength would be lost over the normal loop design.
    Extra material would be needed below the footplate for the tubing to socket into-interference fit-and welded on the bottom.
    Not unreasonable to demand that from them!
    And, if you need angle adjustable, do nearly the same but with a transverse tube instead of plate, and mount the footplate to it.
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    I have the same chair with the same exact problems, except for the footplate risers. It has been sitting in the corner of my apartment for the last four years collecting dust, because it is useless to me. I have no risers, but my feet still do not sit right, because my legs are fairly short. The biggest problem is with the angle of the backrest. Mine came with a Invacare Matrx back and it was angled too far forward as well. I tried wheeling around and it felt like I would fall over frontwards, even on the flat surfaces. We tried replacing it with a standard back, but it does the same thing. They have come several times to adjust a chair that is NOT adjustable. Please don't let them convince you otherwise. The back angle adjustment is limited, due to the handrail. It feels long and huge. The wheels are set way far back and can't really be adjusted too much because the seat back can not be moved forward or backward to accommodate the wheel adjustments. The part where the back connects to the frame of the chair is fixated. Basically, what you see is what you will get. Don't count on it being able to be modified to suit you, if it isn't already perfect. They told me that I just need to get used to it. After about an hour in the chair, my back gets so painful that I can't sit in it any longer. The angle is just that bad. This is absolutely the worst chair I have ever had and I have been injured 32 years. Sorry this has happened to you too. Hopefully, it is not too late for you to wheel far away from this one.

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    Wow thanks looks like they F'd up beyond belief. I should've known, because the caseworker for my insurance that I found said she hated these guys, they're terrible. The person that measured me got me my powerchair, and got a C300 instead of M300 a few years back lol. I'm just so floored they messed up this bad. They measured me, saw a frame of a chair I did like the fit on in my garage, measured it and we went over everything in detail. Got emails that yes, they can do the footplates without risers. I was told they had to order hardware for the back because it was too far forward. Huh? It's too far forward NOW! I'm SO glad you guys pointed out stuff. Though a bit of it goes over my head lol. But sounds basically like they aren't going to be able to adjust this at all. I was surprised at how fast Ki made it actually. Like within days. If it's custom how can they be that fast? Seems it's a generic frame, maybe? It doesn't even seem quite long in body like I wanted, because it's hard for me to get back in the chair from the ground unless there's a nice part of frame to hang on it and push up on. It's a bit more than my current chair, but doesn't look like I thought, which is the pic in this thread of that blue chair. What is that? Invacare??
    I doubt I can trust them to do welding, since they botched so much just putting on hardware. I am NOT going to accept it. So disappointed and bummed though. I do want the Rogue very much. I hope with a carbon Roho back, and the angle adjustable footplate, that it can work. Thankful that Ki Mobility has that make it right policy!

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    How are the side guards sloppy? Those are for quads I think? I didn't order the ones with a hole. I wanted bolted on, like that chair shown in the thread, too. But that's when I found out they made the chair already, just days after they measured me. Which was weird as hell. So they said oh, they can't do bolted cuz they already did it. Huh? I hate clamp on, cuz they start bending out and rub on the wheels.

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    Side guards.
    My Catalyst5 has removable side guards, which I prefer over the fixed units. The reasons?
    I prefer to remove side guards when transferring.
    More importantly, with the Ki, they are plastic construction that cannot handle normal loads from movement (reaching out and down etc). After a short time they eventually crack near the aluminium support post.
    I first emailed them direct and the distribution agency here about this matter when the cross braces failed/collapsed, but no response, reply or acknowledgement.
    On the positive side,whenever these side guards crack they are replaced after placing an order with the company that has the MOH contract.
    Very much like the Black and Decker rapid exchange system.
    My current set are due for replacement once again.
    Perhaps Ki consider side guards to be consumables?? The company that has the agency do not because they do not carry stock and the waiting time is up to 3+ weeks.
    After all that, my concerns are only minor in comparison.
    Could it be that your chair is assembled from various available spare parts? You could be forgiven for thinking so.
    Stick to your guns and make your own good luck with your current situation.
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    Please, whatever you do, do NOT accept it. Even if they can finagle it to work, send it back. You'll be using that for at least five years, so you need it right. Period.
    Keep us updated.
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