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Thread: Accesible Hotel Rooms

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    The time hubby and I (both wheelers) were at Grand Canyon was in the early 1970's and we camped in our van along with a cat and a dog. On the plus side, the few motels we stayed at during our trip had lower beds!! Some idiot had not yet thought of high "European" beds.

    Just wondering if there's some kind of data base on-line indicating ADA motel/hotel rooms. I think I've heard of it, perhaps just vacation-destination places such as Grand Canyon. I've also heard of travel services that specialize in disability needs for travel accommodations.
    Hope things work out - that place is fabulous - more than I thought before the visit.

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    Definitely use the phrase "100% ADA compliant" as that's much different from "wheelchair accessible." In a pinch you can have the management remove the box spring or even the bed frame to get it to a usable height.
    My first ever "accessible" room had a single vertical grab bar about 5 feet from the floor next to the shower controls. Fortunately they had another room that was "fully ADA compliant" and we were able to move.
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    Traveling in the rural southwest (where I live), it’s been my experience that smallish, not necessarily chain hotels and motels will find ways to make it work, especially when I am really clear about what I need (bed height, door width, step height). Occasionally solutions have been very improvised, but never unsafe. Someone built a “room ramp” for us in rural Utah, which was just fantastic and made not only the room but also the very tall bed accessible.

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    I have to say because I am local in Arizona that the Grand Canyon is so over rated for our community. If you have the time go to the Grand Canyon but I would stay in Flagstaff or Sedona both about 4 hour drive but accommodations are just better, rates cheaper more options.

    Someone mentioned about we all have different needs and what most here do not understand when you call a hotel brand 99% of the time your calling a call center and they will not understand your needs.

    Pull the hotel number up on Google and call the local number vs 800 number and ask..."I am talking to the hotel direct or is this the call center" If call center tell them you need the hotel GM.

    Do not book via 3rd party websites,, Expedia etc.

    You can also go on Trip advisor and look at hotel reviews, the negative reviews usually have an email to a mananger, come up with a form email, listing dates, room needs and ask for your specific needs.

    Send out 3 to 4 emails and the next day you have answers, rates and pictures.

    If you have a need for a hoyer lift then I would enclose a picture of a lift and how it positions under a bed so they understand you need a 4 post bed vs a platform based bed and a hoyer will not fit under it.

    Its interesting how we lose patience when company's dont understand our needs and we get mad? You have less stress if you take the position as an educator in the travel sector teaching, teach and educate company's and employees what you need and explain why...Why helps others come up with other ways less conventional in rearguards to solutions!

    We just came from a trip this weekend and 1st time in 20 years the hotel gave up our room which had a roll in shower and we only had an hour before we needed to get to an event.

    It was a Saturday night in a small city and on the 2nd call we found a hotel with our needs calling the hotel direct and it ended up being such a nice hotel and amazing experience.

    In travel nothing is 100% and its never going to be as comfortable as home so roll with it and be flexible.

    Recap:Make calls or emails, ask for manager or GM, be specif on needs, understand too you can have furniture removed to make more room, many rooms have 2 beds vs one but one bed make more room so ask if they have one bed if it works for you.

    Ask with other service and or features do they provide for our community.

    They may provide something you didnt even know that would make your stay more comfortable or enjoyable.

    Example we are staying at a hotel in Las Vegas off the stip and I saw reviews how they have shuttle service 24-7 to Mandalay Bay hotel and Aria Hotel on the strip.

    The manager said we have a 3rd party company that will take us back and forth no problem we just call 15 min before we need to be picked up and they will take us to the airport too!

    Had I not asked I would have never known.

    Dont be afraid to ask if they dont have a disabled option to a service or feature what do they do to accommodate?

    Dont forge to ask for any specials, ask for rooms with a view and or free upgrades!

    Last post of your success so others can learn!
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    I usually stay at holiday Inn but I believe they have only 1 accessible room. It has always worked well for me. as long as it has accessible shower I can deal with the rest. Its isnt going to be exactly perfect.

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