You know the struggle it is to open plastic encased electronics and taped boxes. Read on and then take a look at an animation of opening the package here:

"Microsoft first unveiled its new Xbox Adaptive Controller back in May. Designed for gamers with disabilities, the controller has two large programmable buttons and 19 jacks that can be connected to a range of accessories to make Xbox and PC gaming far more accessible for a range of players. Microsoft has clearly focused on accessibility for the controller, but it?s also revealing this week that it has taken a unique approach to the packaging for the product.

People spend hours watching gadget unboxings on YouTube, but you rarely see a box that?s designed to be opened as easy as possible. That?s a design consideration that Microsoft has taken to heart for its new Xbox Adaptive Controller packaging. ?A lot of these limited mobility gamers are actually used to opening packages with their teeth,? explains Mark Weiser, a packaging designer at Microsoft. The Xbox Adaptive Controller packaging can be opened a variety of ways, and it?s now even easier with or without the use of teeth."

I'd like to see other manufacturers of many different types of products adopt similar packaging. NL says that it is nearly impossible to get into some packages using two able hands, scissors, box cutters, and pliers, then after 5 stitches at the emergency room, you still don't have the package opened!