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Thread: Allodynia and baclofen withdrawal

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    Allodynia and baclofen withdrawal

    I suffer with a hypersensitive chest where even the lightest touch, movement of t shirt or bed sheet causes a stinging pain. Pain doc says it is allodynia and I use lidocaine patches on the affected areas. They sort of work but I still get a lot of pain.

    I've started weaning off baclofen, not easy as I am spasming a lot more but that probably helps to keep muscles active but I seem to be getting even more pain on my chest.

    Baclofen is now 20mg down from 60mg and I am due to remove altogether in 2 weeks.

    Does Backlofen act as a pain killer or could stopping it increase the Allodynia?

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    Pregabalin is more of a painkiller. For me, Baclofen reduces muscle tone and so spondylolisthesis is less painful.

    Both are gabaergic drugs which quieten things down.

    In Australia Baclofen comes in 10mg and 25mg. Can take 100mg per day, but need to watch liver. I take 25mg Baclofen so that I can sleep. Take Pregabalin PRN (as needed).

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    I got rid of pregabalin a long time ago, other than making me put weight on it had no effect on the allodynia.

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    Over the years I too reduced myself down to 10mg baclofen 3Xday. I have tried to skip it several times but It does make a little difference in my neuro pain. Without it my pain is a 9 but with it, about a 7. Not much difference except I feel like I'll go crazy with that little extra bit. It doesn't help my spasms much at all so not sure why it would help some with pain but it does.

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    I'm convinced that I have more pain since reducing. Hoping to get rid of baclofen altogether as reducing it has made me a lot sharper and less foggy. Not sure that I can though I'm having some big spasms on 20mg a day.

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