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First you need to lower the back of the seat, probably a lot. Don't worry about how far forward/rearward the wheels are until you get the rear of the chair low enough to keep you from sliding forward.
Then you can work on the next step.
Right now I have the back as low as it will go and I did raise the seat up one more notch. And I did move the back forward a little bit. I will have to move it back again. As far as the sliding forward goes so far it has not mattered where I set the seat at. I had it on all natches and also adjusting the back I am still sliding forward. Where I have it set now is where I would prefer to be. I prefer to sit up higher. Thinking back to my first chair (Quickie R2) this about the height where I was. I can't go back to that chair now. A few years ago I split the frame on the bottom two tubes. Had it welded and split it split them again. Threw it away a few months ago and didn't think about taking any measurements or getting the part number off of it. I don't have any old paperwork on it either.

Since I had broke that chair I have had 2 other chairs and so far I have not been sitting comfortably in them. And another chair (which would have been my second chair) that was a folding chair and that was a very bad idea to get. Never used it. Just used it for parts.

Anyway. Basically I am at a loss. I am making adjustments but nowhere can I find the comfort. I understand there is a lot of trial and error but for me it seems like there is a lot more.

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I'd like to help out if I can, but it will be difficult to tell what's going on without a good straight on pic of you in it from the side and a couple of pics of just the chair.
I will try to take pictures tomorrow. I posted a picture in the first page of me in my previous chair. From that chair to this one I am having the same posture issues (so there is not much difference) even though the depth on this chair is 3 inches longer and adjustable. The previous chair I could adjust the back but that was it really.